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Posted by - NA - on 31 October 2005 05:06 AM

Kindly find below the answers to frequently asked questions about our online chat.

Q. Should I provide my username and password in chat?
A. Yes, kindly provide them if the operator requests you for it. Once your issue is resolved, please change the password(s) in question.

Q. But Accuwehosting has all my passwords, why am I still being asked for them via chat?
A. We DO NOT have your passwords. The system is designed in such a way that all your passwords, once changed are stored in encrypted form which even we cannot access. We can though, reset them as per your request.

Secondly, if any changes are needed to be done to your domain, then the operator will need to verify your authenticity before proceeding to make any changes. Requesting you for a username and password is the best way to check your authenticity.

Q. Should I provide my credit card information via chat?
A. No. DO NOT provide your credit card information via chat.

Q. I have already raised a support request via the helpdesk, will a chat session make my support issue be resolved any earlier?
A. No. Kindly note that if you have raised a support request then we are already working on it. Approaching us via chat will not accelerate fixing the issue any further.

Q. Is chat given a higher preference over support requests?
A. No. We maintain a common queue of support requests and chats and we attend them on a first come first serve basis. At times, we also give higher priority to the issues first that demand our immediate attention.

Q. How can I get the chat transcript emailed to me after a chat session?
A. Kindly check the below URL:,28


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Dean Charles
05 April 2006 08:06 AM
I've used chat before and it was very helpful and useful. Unfortunately, I don't remember how I initiated the session and I've now wasted about an hour trying to find it. Maybe you ought to put how to access access chat on the FAQs and/or have it come up when a search is initiated!!!!!!!!
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