FrontPage 2003 - Publishing Your Web Site
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       Microsoft FrontPage - Publishing Your Web Site


Here are the instructions on how to publish your web site. You can publish your web site from your local hard drive to the server or from the server to your local hard drive. The screen shots below are of Microsoft FrontPage 2002 but the web opening process is the same for all versions of FrontPage. 


1. First you will need to open your web site either on the server or on your local hard drive.  

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2. Once your web is open in FrontPage (shown above) then you will need to click on File / Publish Web (shown below).


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3. A new window will pop up with options for publishing your web. The new window should look like one of the two pictures below depending on which operating system you are using. You will need to specify the location to publish your web to. The screen shot below shows publishing your web from your hard drive to the server. You will need to type the complete address as show. If you are publishing from the server to your hard drive you will need to click Browse to find the folder on your hard drive. Once you have specified the location, you will need to select either Publish changed page or Publish all pages. Now click Publish and your web site will begin publishing to the specified location.


FrontPage Tutorials


FrontPage Tutorials  

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Comments (2)
Mayra Ortiz
26 February 2006 03:27 PM
After I do all that's described herein, another login page comes up. Since I was given several user names and passwords, I try them all and none work. How do I get passed this screen to finally be able to publish my site?
Manuel S.
24 June 2006 02:39 AM
Hi Mayra,

Please post your question at your webhosting discussion forums:

You will find list of solution there.

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