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What is Add-On domains? How to setup Add-on domains?
Posted by - NA - on 17 September 2005 08:22 PM
Add-on domain is a domain that points to sub-domain. By creating add-on domains, you can host multiple domains.


For e.g. you have a master domain called


Now, you have 2 add-on domains called and Both these add-on domains will store and run from sub-domains of -> ->


Kindly follow below steps to create add-on domains in your account.


1. Login your CPanel.


2. Click Server > Addon Domains.


3. Fill up following columns.

    New domain name: .............

    (Enter add-on domain name here without www)

    For e.g.


    UserName/SubDomain Name: (Enter user name here)

    For e.g. we




4. Click Add.


In addition to this you must point the name servers (DNS) of add-on domains as exactly the name severs (DNS) of maindomain name. This is very important unless add-on domains will not work.


To obtain name severs for your domain, please contact to


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