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ASP.Net Supported Features - FAQ
Posted by - NA - on 17 September 2005 08:22 PM
ASP.Net Supported Features - FAQ
Q.) What kind of database connectivity do you offer
A.) We allow connectivity if with the below mentioned databases
  • MS-Access
  • MS-SQL
  • MySQL
For further information regarding connectivity with databases, refer the below URL
Q.) Do you allow upload/download via VS.Net?
A.) Yes, we do allow upload/download via with FrontPage Extentions.
Q.) What version of .Net Framework is installed on your servers?
A.) Current, we installed .Net Framework v1.1 to v3.5
Q.) Do you allow running of ASP.Net programs on a daily or a scheduled basis?
A.) Yes we do allow scheduling of ASP.Net programs on our server.
Q.) What other ASP.Net features you support?
A.) We support the below miscellaneous ASP.Net Features
  • Codebehind pages for .NET
  • .ascx files
  • User controls in .NET
Q.) Do you support MS SQL 2005 Express database?
A.) SQL Express is designed for desktop database development purposes and is not suitable for a shared hosting environment because of security and performance issues. Microsoft highly recommends disabling this service on shared hosting platforms.
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Comments (2)
15 February 2006 10:15 AM
If i want to upload pass by ftp program, how I do? because I tried to do that but show error with Security Exception, I thought which causes I upload bin folder which keep dll files which compiled code behind from version 1.1 but bin folder didn't have permission. Please help me...
I tried to upload via 2003 but found problem as "Unable to add ......, Server error : Cannot open file ........."

Please solve my problems

Manuel S.
24 June 2006 02:44 AM
Hello Fatcat,

Please use our web hosting discussion forum for discussing any issue related to web hosting and web designing.

Please forward your queries at
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