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Posted by AccuWebHosting Support :: John D. on 26 August 2010 07:16 PM

1. Which Operating System is being used for Host Server at AccuWebHosting?
Ans: We use Microsoft Windows 2008 – R2 Edition as Host Server OS.

2. What virtualization technology does AccuWebHosting use?
Ans: All Windows Virtual Machines are created using Hyper-V virtualization technology.

3. During sign up it is asking for Host-name. What is it?
Ans: A Host name is required to assign a unique name to your VPS. Every computer has a name (called the host-name). Often this will actually be a real DNS name, but technically it can be anything.

For example you own the, so its always common for you to pick a host-name using it, for example, you may choose as your host-name.

If you don't own a domain name or just don't care, you can technically just enter anything that's a valid host-name; for example you could just enter "".

The host-name serves a few purposes, but none of them are that important. It can be pretty easily changed after installation if you ever desire so.

4. Can I sign up without Domain Name?
Ans: Yes, you can. In absence of a Domain Name, you can access your VPS using the host-name OR IP Address assigned to you.

5.Can I purchase additional RAM, Disk Space and Bandwidth for my VPS?
Ans: Yes, you can purchase additional RAM, Disk Space and Bandwidth during the sign up process Or later on when you need. Please find below the prices for the same:

Additional 1 GB RAM: $25 per month
Additional 10 GB disk space: $10.00 per month
Additional 100 GB Bandwidth: $20.00 per month

6. Can I purchase additional IP address for my VPS?
Ans: Yes, you can. The cost for additional 1 IP address is $1.5 per month. The IP addresses can be purchased during sign up process or later on by raising a billing ticket using Help-desk.

7. Do you provide fully managed VPS services?
Ans: By default all the VPS are provided with basic support on 24 x 7 basis with no additional cost. However, if you want to purchase full technical support for your VPS, you can do so with an additional cost of $99.00/month. This can be done either at the time of registration of your VPS or later on by raising a support ticket at our Help-desk.

8. What is the MS SQL Database Version offered with VPS ?
Ans: MS SQL 2008 (Express Edition - R2) is offered free of cost with all VPS plans. If you're looking to upgrade to MS SQL Database Web Edition, then it will cost you additional $30/month.

9. What operating systems do you offer on Windows VPS?
Ans: Windows 2008 R2 Standard Edition - 64 bit
Windows 2008 Standard Edition - 32 bit
Windows 2003 R2 Standard Edition - 64 bit
Windows 2003 R2 Standard Edition - 32 bit

10. How long does it take for a VPS account to be set up?
Ans: Your VPS will be set up immediately on completion of payment verification process. However, if you require any special configuration and/or installation apart from our standard pack, that may consume extra time, depending on what you require.

11. How many VPS customers are on a single physical server?
Ans: We assure consistent and stable performance to each VPS, by allocating balanced resource to our System. And we get optimal system performance. The number of customers per server varies based on the plan types registered on a physical server. All systems are monitored to ensure the number of VPS are not oversold.

12. Do you offer any discount with your VPS plans?
Ans: Yes, for our current Promotional Offer Visit:

13. Which control panel is offered to manage my domains on VPS?
Ans: We do provide Website Panel (control panel for windows based hosting) installation & configuration for free of cost with any of our VPS plans. You just need to select the option to get Website Panel during sign up process.

14. How do I access my Website Panel?
Ans: You can access it using http://your-IP-address:9001

15. How do I manage my VPS?
Ans: You will be provided with the log in details of your VPS management area once you sign up with us.

16. Can I reboot VPS from my VPS management area?
Ans: Yes, you can reboot, Pause. Resume your VPS from your VPS management area.

17. Which Email server do you install on my VPS Server?
Ans: We will install and setup SmarterMail 7.x Pro - 250 email accounts License - $299.00 value - with no additional cost!

18. What is the email address to contact support?
Ans: Our technical support email address is For sales inquiry please contact us at For billing inquiry please forward your emails to In addition to this, we also provide 24/7 online chat support accessible from our website

19. What about the backup of my VPS?
Ans: Customer is responsible for managing backup of their VPS. If you want to backup your vps, the will cost you $20/month for 20 GB Daily Backups (CDP Backups). The cost for 40 GB backup is $40/month.

20. How can I set up DNS records of my VPS? How many IP Addresses do I require to set up DNS?
Ans: The Microsoft DNS services is default enabled on your VPS. You can manage DNS records of your domains using the following instructions:

There are two options:
1. You can use managed DNS services from any provider and point A, MX records, CNAME etc records to your VPS IP address.
2. You can set up primary & secondary name server for main domain (for example, from Microsoft DNS services in your VPS and then assign these nameservers to your main domain from domain registrar control panel. Please understand that you will require at least 2 dedicated IP addresses in this case for your VPS.

21. What software can I install on a VPS? ?
Ans: Because a VPS operates like a real dedicated server almost all applications can be installed on your VPS. However, some applications which require kernel modules or modifications will not function on VPS. In addition, the following content is prohibited on a VPS:

* IRC software
* Pirated software
* Hacking sites, programs or archives
* Warez sites
* Distribution of music files or any other material in which the user does not own the copyright.

22. Can use my VPS once I log in via remote access right?
Ans: Yes, you can.

If I sign up for your Webmaster VPS Plan, can I easily upgrade to Small Business Plan at anytime later without having to reinstall my applications etc?
Ans: Yes you can upgrade to any higher plan at any time without having to reinstall your applications etc. This upgrade will require only a reboot.

24. What is all I will get installed with my VPS?
Ans: By default you will get: IIS 6.0 / 7.0, SQL Database and RDP access to your VPS. We will also configure & install Website Panel & SmarterMail upon your request.

25. Do you support Tomcat on Windows VPS?
Ans: No, we do not support Tomcat on Windows VPS, we support IIS server instead.

26. I am unable to do RDP.
Please check following:
Ensure that you are using correct IP to do RDP, or;
Ensure that your RDP port number 3389 is not being blocked by your local system firewall Or your ISP.

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