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How to create MySQL database & Username from cPanel?
Posted by AccuWebHosting Support :: John D. on 31 March 2010 01:55 AM

In order to create MySQL database in your hosting account you need to login to cPanel account. Following are the exact steps:


1.      Login to cPanel account. ( OR http://serverIPaddress:2082)

2.      Once you are logged in you can access MySQL management area by clicking on “MySQL Databases” button as shown below:


3.      In order to create a new database you need to enter database name in New Database field and then click on Create Database button as shown below:

4.   A confirmation screen will appear that the MySQL database has been created as shown below:

        Click on Go Back button to go back in MySQL database management screen.


Now, you will have to create MySQL username in order to access created MySQL Database. Please see following image to create new MySQL username:

Now, you will have to assign created MySQL username to MySQL database name as shown below:

Once you click on Add button, it will show you manage permissions page as below:

Check the check box “All Privileges” and once you are done click on “Make Changes” button.




1. The MySQL database is created with your username as prefix - username_databasename and this is the name you have to use for your application.


2. Your cPanel username will be added as a prefix to all databases and usernames you create.

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