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Alternate way


Do not upload your local web server FrontPage settings to the server. This will corrupt service of FrontPage extension on the server. Do not delete any folder that begins with "_vt_ something". Do not FTP your website while managing your website through FrontPage.


1. On the menu bar, choose File, then select Publish Web.

2. The Publish Web dialog box will open.

3. Click on the Options button, and additional options will appear in the window.


4. In box below Specify the location to publish your site to:

Enter Publish URL of your site.

Publish URL's are:


-----This will only work, if your webiste's DNS pointing to our server.

2) Server's IP address.

-----This refers FTP upload, so enter FTP userid and password for login details

3) Temporary URL (Provided in account setup instructions email)


HELM User:

Login HLEM, goto Domains > YourDomainName > Domain Aliases

CPanel User:

Enter Server's IP address only.


If this is the first time you are publishing your site, select Publish all pages...

Check Include subwebs.

Click the Publish button.

5. The Name and Password Required dialogue box will open. You will need to fill out the following forms with the relevant information.

Name: This is the userID assigned to you by ACCU Webhosting.

HELM User:

Use FrontPage Username, which is yourdomain.com_fp (Confirm the your usename from HELM > Domains > YourDomainName > FrontPage Extension).

This is the password that you designated in your control panel.

6. If you have entered all the information correctly, FrontPage 2000 will publish your web site. You will see a dialog box like this one when it has finished:





Alternate way to manage site with FrontPage


  • Open your website in Internet Explorer. (By your web site name or temporary URL)

  • Click Edit with FrontPage option in Internet Explorer toolbar.

  • FrontPage will open and prompt for login details.

  • Enter login information and press OK. It will load your whole web site into FrontPage.

  • Now, you can add, update your remove the pages from your website online, no need to publish.

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