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Posted by AccuWebHosting Support :: John D. on 02 February 2009 03:13 AM

Q:- Do you offer 24/7 support?

Yes, we are here to assist you on 24/7 basis through or helpdesk and online chat accessible from our website

Q:- What is the path of my home directory?

For Linux users, the path of home directory is /home/username/public_html

For windows users, the path of home directory is C:\Domains\\wwwroot.

Q:- What is the path to send mail?

The path to send mail is /usr/sbin/sendmail

Q:- Where do I upload my files?

All the files associated with your website must be placed inside the root folder of your domain. For Linux users, the files must be placed inside the ‘public_html’ folder. For windows users, the files must be placed inside the ‘wwwroot’ folder.

Q:- What is the Location of AccuWebHosting.Com Data Centers?

AccuWebHosting.Com host their Windows servers at (Denver, CO, USA).
AccuWebHosting.Com host their Linux Servers at (Texas, USA).

Q:- How much bandwidth do I need?

You can figure out estimated bandwidth usage of your domain using below terms:

Average Bandwidth usage = your average page size (including graphics) * the number of page views

For example, with an average page size of 50 KB, and around 60000 page views per month, you will require an average of 3 GB bandwidth per month (60000 * 50 = 3000000 KB).  In this case, you should get a plan with 4 to 5 GB of bandwidth limit per month.

Q:- What is the procedure to transfer my hosting from other hosting provider?

There are three easy steps:

1) Download all your web files from existing web host and then upload all these files to your new host.
2) Re-create the same databases, email accounts on your new host as you had with your old host from the control panel.
3) Update the nameservers (DNS) to point your domain to new web host.

Q:- What is the URL to access my webmail?

For our Linux users, the webmail URL is
For our Windows users, the webmail URL is

Q:- What is the URL to access my web based control panel?

For Linux users, the cPanel URL is
For Windows users, the HELM control panel URL is OR

Q:- How do I add a new domain in my multiple domain hosting plan from cPanel?

You can add a new domain to your multiple domain hosting plan from the “Add-on Domain” feature of cPanel. Just log in to cPanel account for your main domain and click on “add-on domain” icon to add a new domain.

Q:- In case if I have lost my access to my administrative email address registered with you, can you send my invoice to the address other than that?

No, we do not send any communication to any email address other than registered on our file.


If you have lost the access of your registered email address, you can change the contact details by accessing our billing area using

(b) In case of loss of access to our billing area too, our administrative department will ask you to provide certain documents like your social security number, copy of your unexpired passport, Or a copy of your current driving license. This is done in order to prevent any unauthorized access to your account with us. Upon verification of those documents, our administrative department may call you on your land line number and verify the details provided. They may also cross verify the data with the government database and confirm the authenticity of the information. After that they will advise the technical and/or billing department to grant you access or not. In either case, the decision of our administrative and legal department will be final.

Q:- How many IPs do you offer with both a shared hosting account and a VPS account?

We do not offer any dedicated IP with our shared hosting accounts, however in case of VPS; you get 1 dedicated IP with the package. Our Perl and Diamond VPS plans offer two dedicated IPs with the package.

If needed, you can purchase additional IP with an additional payment. For Shared Hosting Account an additional IP will cost $ 2/month and for VPS Accounts additional IP will cost $1.5/month.

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