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Posted by AccuWebHosting Support :: John D. on 02 February 2009 02:55 AM

Q:- What is an alternative SMTP port that I can use for my SMTP?

Ans:- You can use 587 as an alternative SMTP port for Smartermail servers. If your domain is hosted on Linux server, you can use port 26 as an alternative port.

Q:- What is my SMTP and POP3 mail address?
Ans:- The SMTP and POP3 mail address should be

Q:- How many emails I can send per hour?
Ans:- In case of Linux Server, you can send 60 emails per hour whereas if it is Windows Server, then you can send 150 to 200 maximum emails per hour.

Q:- What ports are available for outgoing SMTP?
Port numbers 25 and 587 are available for outgoing SMTP.

Q:- What are the mail size limits?
The mail size limit in Windows is 2GB per Domain.

Q:- Do you have SMTP outgoing server with authentication?
Yes, we have SMTP outgoing server with authentication enabled on our server.

Q:- What is the mail client?
We use SmarterMail as our mail client.

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