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Q:  What is a domain name Registrar?
A domain name Registrar is a company that is authorized by ICANN to register and manage domain names. The Registrar is also responsible for creating and maintaining the information that is input in the public WhoIS domain name database.

What is DNS?
DNS stands for Domain Name Servers. DNS allows a domain name to resolve to the numeric IP address assigned by the hosting company. When you move hosting companies, you will need to update your DNS to ensure that the domain name points to the new web hosting company server.
For more information on DNS, kindly visit our knowledgebase article, 'How DNS Work'.

What are AcuWebHosting Domain Name Servers (DNS)?
DNS records for Linux, Windows & Unix servers are different & depends upon the current operating server. Upon a new account setup by AccuWebHosting. Customer will receive all this information of latest DNS. Please visit "Web Hosting & Server information" category in Knowledgebase"
to get the latest name server or any further question about DNS.

Which domain names do you sell and what are their fees?
Complete information about the domain names that we sell and their pricing and rules can be found at domain registration section:

I am registering a new domain name through your company. Who is the registrar?
We partner with Directi and Enom to register domain names.

Do you offer assistance with managing domain names?
We are available to help you with all aspects of managing your domain name. Please issue a support ticket for further assistance. Here this is Help Desk.

 Can I change my domain name Registrar to AccuWebHosting?
Yes, we will help you switch your domain name registration to AccuWebHosting!

Do I own the domain name?
Yes, you are the owner of the domain name. You are not charged anything to move your domain name to another web host.

Is my domain registration information public?
Yes, the contact and registrant information on a .com, .net, .org, .info, and .biz domain name is public record in the universally available WhoIS database. This is something over which we have no control, and a domain name cannot be registered without all the required fields of contact information being complete. Other countries and other domain registration authorities may have other policies.

How do I manage my Directi domain information?
Customers who purchased their domain name from AccuWebHosting can manage domain ownership information at Directi customer interface. Customers need to login at with their username & password given by AccuWebHosting after domain name registration. Generally customer's email address is their login id at Directi customer management system.

I now host my web site with a new company. How do I manage my domain name?
Customers who originally purchased their domain name through AccuWebHosting but have since moved to another hosting company can change their DNS server information and domain ownership information by logging into the Directi Control Panel. They could login over there with the userid & password assigned to them & make proper changes in the name server.

Q:  Can AccuWebHosting host a non-U.S. domain name?
Yes. However, you are responsible for registering the domain in the country you wish. We can only register the .com, .net, .org, .biz & .info. Click here for links to every country's domain registration authority.

Q: How do I make a SRV record for my domain?
You cannot do it, because currently there is no such option in Control Panel, therefore you will need to send us your request via your registered email address on our file.

Q: Can I host php 5.0 and 3.5 application on same server?
Yes, you can.

Q: Can it be under one domain if I would be creating sub domain for php and use main domain name for
Yes, you can host both the applications on one domain.

Q: I want to transfer my domain from my existing service provider to you. Where to submit the EPP Code?
Our Domain Transfer Order Page will ask for the EPP key, you can submit it there.

We have a domain hosted with you. When I connect to the server I can see two folders named public_html and www. Both these folders contain all our files. Is this correct or I am confused?
What you are seeing is correct. Both the folders are meant to have the same contents. www Folder is the seam-link of public_html folder. Therefore, you have to manage public_html folder only to upload/modify/remove any files.

Q: I have a site hosted with your company if I wanted to purchase another domain name could I do that through your company and how much would it be?
Yes, you can purchase any number of domains through us. .com, .org, .info, .net domains will cost you $9.99/year for registration.

Q: I am already having multi domain hosting plan with you. Currently I have hosted only one domain on it, but now I wish to add another domain which is currently hosted and registered somewhere else. How can I add this additional domain? What about the email accounts? Can I migrate them on your server? Can I make the new email address with the same address on my C-Panel?
(a) First create an add-on domain named “” under your account using Control Panel;
(b) Upload your web contents using FTP log in details of your main c-Panel Account;
(c) Change the name-servers of your domain in order to point to our server. You can change them using your hosting provider's domain manager;
(d) You cannot migrate your email accounts directly. However, you can create them with the same address on your C-Panel.

Caution: It is strongly advisable to take a full back up of all your emails on your local system before doing any task related to migration.

Q: If I have a data file for a website called, can I change the domain name of the same data file from to If yes, is there any charge involved?
Yes you can, when you wish. But it will cost $10 per domain name case. To clarify it further, changing the name of your domain will involve

(i) Taking full back up of the domain,
(ii) Creating another domain and
(iii) Uploading the content to

We can upload the content on your behalf to your newly created domain i.e., if requested.

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